2) The Crooked Dog Inn

The Low District lies south of the Grand Canal and is home to the poor.
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2) The Crooked Dog Inn

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The Crooked Dog

The nicest inn in The Sprawl is located near the South Gate. It is very popular with the mercenaries stationed on the other side of the wall as well as visiting adventurers. The Crooked Dog is owned by Krum Rothgut and his four sons Tage, Brane, Gart and Denin. The prices are steep for the Low District, but the food is good, the portions large, and none of them can be bribed to poison a guest.

  1. Cot in the Common Room (1 Mark - 1GP)
  2. Private Room - no bedding (1 Dross - 10GP)
  3. Private Room - stained bedding, Dinner or Breakfast included (3 Dross - 30GP)
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