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Re: MGP Marketplace

Post by Exe »

Name: Nate
Primary Character: Exe
Ledger Link: Ledger
GM/AGM/Mod Account: Underguard
What did you want done?
Starting MGP: 111

(12 MGP) Deus ex machina (Ex post facto MGP expenditure for one Automatic Critical Success as above.) for This post
(2 MGP) Skill Download: New Secondary Skill; W.P. Sword
(3 MGP) Skill Download: New OCC Related Skill; W.P. Paired Weapons

Ending MGP: 94
Please Do Not PM This Account, PM Underguard Instead

Oren Exe | EP Ledger | Other PCs: Ronan (Spook Squad) | Venenifer (Roughnecks)
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Benjamin Shepard
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Re: MGP Marketplace

Post by Benjamin Shepard »

Name: Bryan
Primary Character: Jackson Cooper
Ledger Link: Ledger
GM/AGM/Mod Account:
What did you want done?

(1)Add Jackson Cooper [Battletech]
(2) Add Benjamin Shepard [Chaos Earth]
(3)Update Contact Information [Google:]
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Re: MGP Marketplace

Post by Dawn Breaker »

Name: Shawn Allen
Primary Character: Dawn Breaker, Teres Barton
Ledger Link
GM/AGM/Mod Account:
What did you want done?
Current balance 9-9=0
For Teres:
Secondary skill: (Astronomy & Navigation) 2

For Dawn Breaker:
Robots and Power Armor 60% (+4%)
Sensory Equipment 30% (+5%)

Current Adaption
- does not suffer from dehydration, heat blisters, sunstroke, fatigue, or discomfort usually associated with extreme heat and sun exposure.
- temperatures up to 1 60 degrees Fahrenheit have no ill effect (feels like a warm Spring day)
- only needs the equivalent of two glasses of water (roughly 1 6 ounces) per 24 hours to function at 1 00%
- Even exposure to temperatures up to 200 degrees inflicts only 20% of its normal damage and penalties.

-APS Merury: An attacker must roll a 16 or higher to strike and inflict damage. All kinetic attacks (punches, bullets, etc. ) that inflict damage (from a roll to a strike of 16 or higher) only do half the damage!
Explosions do only 10% of their normal damage, but any explosive damage greater than 50 points will blow the character apart. However, the super being can reform within 1D6 melee rounds (in under two minutes).

- The skin has a Natural A.R. of 14. An opponent's roll to strike must be 15 or higher to inflict damage. Rolls under 14 may hit but do NO damage.

- Heals at a rate of 1d4 Hit Points or S.D.C. per minute 2d4x10 H.P. or S.D.C. per hour for serious injury (heavy trauma, like the character losing all his S.D.C. and/or half or more of his Hit Points Equal to a doctor's surgical skill of 75%

- Heals twice as quickly as an ordinary human

- if the character fails to save, any disease, illness, poison, toxin, or Bio- Manipulation is at half its normal strength, damage, effect, and duration.
Penalties: These bonuses also apply to saves against good lifesaving chemicals and drugs.

-Hypnotic Mental Conditioning
Impervious to possession.

Character sheet
Comsec Music mix:
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (Acid Techno Live Remix)
Iron Maiden - The Trooper (Acid Techno Live Remix)
Sabaton - Gott Mit Uns (Max Subzero Ethereal Party Dance Remix)

Quick post items:
Personal Mission Notes:
Points of contact:
Insertion Method:
Orders given:
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Re: MGP Marketplace

Post by Tyrannosapiens Rex »

Name: Dash
Primary Character: None
Ledger Link: Ledger
GM/AGM/Mod Account: Tyrannosapiens Rex
What did you want done?

-5 MGP Purchase Normally Unavailable Skill- Archaeology for Calamity John.
-5 MGP Purchase Normally Unavailable Skill- Leadership (Robotech) for Calamity John
-10 MGP Raise Find Contraband 10 levels
-10 MGP Raise Research 10 levels

Remaining Balance: 4 MGP
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Re: MGP Marketplace

Post by Servo »

Name: Eric/Servo
Primary Character: Rufus (Templar), Barricade (HU:CS)
GM/AGM/Mod Account: Servo (Robotech)
What did you want done?
Servo wrote: Tue Jan 09, 2024 7:32 amPlease move Chef Icky into one of my inactive slots.

That should leave me with 2 inactive slots remaining as per my ledger balance.
Guess it's time to release Chef Icky into the vasty nothingness in which potential future NPCs dwell. Please remove him from his inactive slot.

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Re: MGP Marketplace

Post by Draggor »

Name: Riley
Primary Character: Draggor (GA)
Ledger: ... 5#p1379165
GM/AGM/Mod Account: N/A

What did you want done?

Code: Select all

-30 MGP Manifest a Character's First Bonus Major Super Power (may be chosen): Dimensional Room (HU:PU1, p.70)
Dimensional Room HU:PU1, p.70
When the dimension room is generated, a doorway of glowing soft white light appears. As the character steps through the doorway of pure white light, both he and it disappears. To those outside the door, the super being seems to have vanished, but in reality, he has just entered a dimensional limbo.

The dimensional room can be accessed at will. It is a small area about 16x10x10 feet (4.8x3x3 m), plus an additional two feet (0.6 m) of floor space per level of experience, which is located inside a strange kind of pocket dimension. It might be considered a dimensional bubble in between the normal dimensions. Ultimately, it is a place where the character can escape his enemies. There is no limit to how long he can remain inside the D-Room which, somehow, contains and circulates air and maintains a constant temperature (74 degrees Fahrenheit). Non-perishable food, weapons, valuables, wardrobe, and other items can be comfortably stored inside the room as well. A timepiece that can tell the passage of hours and days is critical because it is easy to lose track of time in limbo.

After a period of time (minutes, hours, or days), the character can open the dimensional door and step out of the room. The door always reappears in the same place. The room is not a form of teleporting, it is a hiding place he carries with him. The dimension room is designed to allow only the character and non-living items inside. Any body else trying to enter will run into what feels like a brick wall and suffer 106 damage, but the character can take one person (for every two levels of experience) inside his D-Room with him. Once inside, the hero can mentally command the shimmering doorway to reappear and look through it like a one-way mirror. Of course, the view is limited to that one area and direction. If he is hurt or drugged he can stay in the room for days until he recovers. The applications for the D-Room are many.

Range: Touch, the character must touch any flat, vertical surface to create the doorway to the dimensional room.
Duration : Instant/until the character exits the D-Room.
Damage: None, the character cannot use the D-Room to harm others and when he exits all others are forced out of the room with him, like it or not.
Draggor | Ledger
M.D.C.: 1,866 / 1,866
P.P.E.: 89 / 89

The Cast:
The Hero, The Exile, The Merc, The Lustful, OG Violence, Argent Warrior, The Lost One

Events of Note
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Re: MGP Marketplace

Post by Elvin »

Name: Michael
Primary Character: Locknar / Zilch / Shazbut / Hemlock
Ledger Link: Ledger
Starting MGP Total: 27
What did you want done?

For Elvin GP crit purchases here
5 x (3 MGP) Automatic Critical Success (includes skill rolls, combat actions, scroll study, tinkering attempt, etc.)

Ending MGP: 12
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