Beyond the Supernatural: Old Gods of Appalachia.

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Beyond the Supernatural: Old Gods of Appalachia.

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Are you interested in conspiracy theories, cryptids, and other things that go bump in the night? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hunt monsters or solve mysteries in the year 1925? Do you have an interest in backwoods terror mixed with the Call of Cthulhu?

Then you are in luck, I am recruiting for a game just like that, loosely based of of the Horror Anthology Podcast and award winning TTRPG Old Gods of Appalachia. The game is set in the small, fictional rail town of Prosperity West Virginia, in the year 1925. It is an investigation heavy game with ample opportunities for roleplay. We use a slightly house ruled version of Beyond the Super Natural to play, with the biggest changes being a few skills being unavailable due to the time period. If you are interested either PM here on the site, or send me a message via hangouts, and we can make it happen.

Currently looking for 2-3 players to fill out the game.
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