Next adventure.

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Next adventure.

Post by Consumer »

So I'd like to get a kickstart on the next adventure. That being said, while I have some ideas that could run me for the next several years, I find it only fair that I give you a chance to make a contribution to this process. So what I would like is each player to give me one idea of an adventure you'd like to go on, then I will build a poll and you guys can vote for it.
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Re: Next adventure.

Post by Trorrie »

Cargo due for Center is 3 solar days late for replacement parts for a space cruiser, setting back shipment of goods to the CCW. Three small craft are suspected of being the cause of the delay. How and why have not been properly determined by officials.
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Re: Next adventure.

Post by Yates »

Firefly-esque space western.
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Re: Next adventure.

Post by Glitch »

Glitch wants an adventure that would help him accomplish one of his more long/mid-term goals in acquisition of chassis, establishment of a mainframe or acquire a new base (group). Since our base was destroyed, we don't have one beyond the Rogue. One that isn't easily discoverable/bombable would be nice.

To facilitate that, Glitch can have fun doing many a mission though we haven't done a solid assassination mission in awhile. Raggedy Man was kind of trying to assassinate us and this is a klep not kill mission. We aren't good guys.

Maybe a mission where establish a new base while assassinating the previous owner. That satisfies Glitch's need since at his core, he is an assassin robot. Base doesn't need to be on a planet, could be a larger ship or station that the Rogues take over that the "Rogue" itself can dock with/land in. Infiltrate and hijack a larger ship that or station that we then lay claim too. Or a factory even (wink wink) or some other planet-side location.
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Re: Next adventure.

Post by Bryke »

Bryke would like:

A: Quest to become a 2nd Stager
B: Quest to find a Dominator- NOT SURE the implications of this... it is just an idea.
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