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Omega Staff

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Legal Staff (The people that take care of the paper work and other details so that you can keep super heroing!)
Name: Carla Hernandez
Position: Business Manager, General Counsel
Background Story: Carla is an ambitious lawyer with plans for becoming the District Attorney of Century Station before she turns 40. Graduated top of her class, law review, and immediately joined the D.A.'s office, where she was seen as the star prosecutor. However, she left that behind to work with the Omega's because she felt that is where she could have the biggest impact on the city. That it might be a great career move, better yet.
Size: 5'4", 135 lbs.
Age: 34
Description: Carla is a short, curvy Latina woman with straight black hair, chestnut brown eyes. She is larger than life, even for someone who works with superheroes, dressing in the sharpest fashion of the season, nails manicured to brightly colored claws, and even enjoying the occasional cigar.
Disposition: Carla is confident but not brash, a woman who expects nothing but the best but always pays for it. Excellent tipper, by the way. She enjoys a good challenge and will always rise to the moment.

Name: Trent Holloway
Position: General Counsel
Background Story: Trent is the heir to the beloved Holloway family, a powerful family in the political, social, and charitable circles of the city. He could have done anything, been on the board of family hedge fund, entered politics, been a judge. But instead he decided to join the ranks of the city's lawyers. He started as an ambitious prosecutor, then switched over to the public defender's office, before deciding that his skills were needed most in the burgeoning field of Mega-Law.
Size: 6'3", 210 lbs.
Age: 26
Description: Trent is a young, fairly attractive white guy with blonde hair and green eyes. He sports sharp suits in the office, and for the yacht club otherwise
Disposition: Idealist who will unflinchingly opt to do the right thing in every situation. However, he is not naïve, and he's acutely aware of how unfair the world is and how good he has it. In fact, that makes him more likely to go out of his way to do the right thing.

Name: Amanda Davos
Position: Public Relations Officer, Paralegal
Background Story: For over a decade, Amanda Davos has represented the gold standard in image management. She has overseen the launch of ad campaigns for several major product launches, and salvaged three movie stars' tarnished reputations. Having been saved by INSERT HERO OF CHOICE, Amanda has decided to use her talents make sure people trust and admire the groups like the Omegas.
Size: 5'7", 130 lbs.
Age: 34
Description: Amanda is a bright and attractive African-American woman that looks younger than she actually is. She dresses in flirty but professional outfits with bursts of color. There is always an insect them to what she wears in some way.

Base Staff (The people lurking around the Omega Base making sure that everything is humming along smoothly)
Name: Roger Castle
Position: Security Chief
Background Story: Roger is a former Marine M.P. that transitioned to private security/detective work following a lengthy and decorated military career. CHIMERA recruited him just as he was growing tired of working in the private sector. Ready to serving justice, Roger has been brought in to improve base security protocals after the destruction of the previous Omega Base. He has also been assigned to appraise the Omega's actions make sure that they are not security risks themselves.
Size: 5'7", 160 lbs.
Age: 48
Description: Roger is a middle-aged white male with thinning hair, but a ropy, strong physique. He typically wears a no-nonsense expression on his clean-shaven face.
Disposition: Despite the strong stoic look, Frank is a generally affable guy with a very dry wit. He dislikes being challenged on his area of expertise.
Equipment: MX-9 Maximilian Light Combat Armor (AR 12, 200 SDC, +6 PS (Superhuman), HU:CS p. 81); M-16 Assault Rifle (1320' range, 4D6 damage, 30 rounds/clip)
Special Resources & Henchmen: Frank has a staff of 6 security officers to patrol the grounds - all CHIMERA trained agents that will not engage or interact with the Omegas unless specifically ordered to by Roger. All security officers will be armed with CSWAT gear, weapons, and armor.

Name: Cornelius Lang
Position: Staff Physician
Background Story: Dr. Lang likes to think of himself as a “simple country doctor” but his specialties in tropical medicine and xeno-biology might ask you what country or countries he's practiced medicine in. Having just recently retired from his small clinic, CHIMERA recruited him to serve as emergency/staff physician at Omega Base. Unmarried and childless.
Size: 6' 5", 152 lbs.
Age: 57
Description: Dr. Lang is a tall and thin Black man with light skin, grey eyes, and a bald head. His style is simple and neat. Wearing a cardigan and bow-tie under his white coat.
Disposition: Dr. Lang is warm and caring, paternalistic but not overbearing. He genuinely cares for the Omegas, and feels grandfatherly about them - especially the younger members. He hates that they are out there risking their lives, but deeply feels the need they fill.

Name: Eddie Wilson
Position: HQ Steward (maintenance, supply, and janitorial)
Background Story: Eddie is just this guy, you know? He likes a clean, orderly shop, a beer or two after a hard day's work, and a game of poker now and then.
Size: 5'4", 175 lbs.
Age: 53
Description: Eddie is short, rotund, and balding, with a thick salt-and-pepper mustache.
Disposition: Eddie is thin-skinned and ill-tempered, but keeps to himself. He may complain, but he does his job quickly and efficiently.
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