Perun (Smuggler/Logistics)

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Perun (Smuggler/Logistics)

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Player name: Paul
Link to Ledger: Link to Ledger

Character Name: Vanto Perun
Call Sign:
Total XP: 5,050 (SoAF 10May24)
Unspent XP: 12
Affiliation: Periphery
Sentiments/Federated Suns: Minimal personal interactions, but are supposed to be champions of liberty and personal freedoms. A naïve sentiment.
Sentiments/Lyran Commonwealth: Minimal personal interactions, but are supposed to be both wealthy and powerful. Caution and care should be taken with a mind on potential long-term repurcussions.
Sentiments/Draconis Combine: Minimal personal interactions, but are supposed to be a military powerhouse. Judgement reserved.
Sentiments/Capellan Confederation: Minimal personal interactions, but are supposed to have risen to prominence relatively recently. Likely both dangerous and risk-taking. Fighting with a chip on their shoulder.
Sentiments/Free Worlds League: Minimal personal interactions, but are supposed to be very well established. Possibly stagnant or at risk of splintering due to internal strife and rot.
Sentiments/ComStar: Critical corporation for interstellar communications. And they know it.
Sentiments/Periphery Worlds: Salt of Terra. Only true pioneers endure the harsh realities beyond the core.
Disposition: His lanky body and generally hunched posture practically scream 'nerd'. But it doesn't take much for him to straighten up and exude quiet confidence when speaking his mind or taking lead on something.

Attribute Value Link Value XP Spent
STR: 2 -1 200
BOD: 3 -1 300
RFL: 5 0 500
DEX: 5 0 500
INT: 7 1 700
WIL: 4 0 400
CHA: 4 0 400
EDG: 4 0 400

Trait Name: TP (Trait Points) Page ref XP cost
Fast Learner 3 p.117 300
Patient 1 p.121 100
Good Vision 1 p.118 100
Good Hearing 1 p.118 100
Wealth -1 p.128 -100
Natural Aptitude (Perception) 3 p.121 300
Natural Aptitude (Career/Logistics) 3 p.121 300
Natural Aptitude (Gunnery/Mech) [inactive] 5 p.121 5 / 500
Natural Aptitude (Pilot/Mech) [inactive] 5 p.121 5 / 500

Standard Damage: 0/6
Fatigue Damage: 0/8
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (65.77 kg)
: A seemingly unremarkable brown-haired man with a mop of hair parted to one side. He looks a bit weak of both physical strength and constitution, but keeps a keen eye about, constantly aware of his surroundings.

MOVEMENT: Measured in Meters per Turn (MPT)
Walk: 7
Run/Evade: 17
Sprint: 34
Climb: 3.5
Crawl: 1.75
Swim: 7


Skill Name: Current Level Target Number (TN) Complexity of Action (C) Link XP
Acting 0 8 CB CHA 16
Administration 1 8 SA INT+WIL 24
Appraisal 0 8 CB INT 16
Career/Smuggler 1 7 SB INT 24
Career/Logistics 2 7 SB INT 40
Climbing 0 7 SB DEX 16
Computers 0 9 CA DEX+INT 16
Gunnery/Mech 2 8 SA RFL+DEX 40
Interest/Mech 0 9 CA INT+WIL 16
Interest/History 2 9 CA INT+WIL 40
Investigation 1 9 CA INT+WIL 24
Language/English 0 8 SA INT+CHA 16
Martial Arts 0 8 SA RFL+DEX 16
MedTech/General 0 7 SB INT 16
Navigation/Ground 0 7 SB INT 16
Negotiation 0 8 CB CHA 16
Perception 3 7 SB INT 64
Piloting/Mech 2 8 SA RFL+DEX 40
Sensor Operations 0 8 SA INT+WIL 16
Small Arms 0 7 SB DEX 16
Streetwise/Periphery 1 8 CB CHA 24
Stealth 0 8 SA RFL+INT 16
Combat Quick Chart: (MoS = Margin of Success)
- Ranged (Standard) Weapon Damage + (Attacker’s MoS x 0.25)
- Ranged (Burst-Fire) Weapon Damage + (Attacker’s MoS)
- Melee (Unarmed) (Winner’s STR ÷ 4) + (Winner’s MoS x 0.25)
- Melee (Armed) (Weapon Damage) + (Winner’s STR ÷ 4) + (Winner’s MoS x 0.25)
- Falling (Hard Surface) 0.2 x (Falling Distance in meters)
- Falling (Soft Surface) 0.1 x (Falling Distance in meters)
- Area-Effect Weapon Damage – (Distance from Impact in meters)
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Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Standard issue DDF uniform

• Space: Cold Weather Gear. Suitable for -30C
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Stored in Vehicle

Stored in Lodging

100 C-Bills (Cash; Location on person)

Gear Stats
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Only son to Piotr and Olga Perun, homesteaders who fled criminal debts accrued in the deep periphery, Vanto became a student of the fundamental unfairness of life at a very young age.

Soon after the family arrived at Detroit to seek their fortunes in the building and/or operation of the prominent mech facility, a terrible work accident claimed the life of both his parents and left him an orphan. Stranded, alone and without resources, he quickly became one of the countless, faceless throng that compose the criminal underbelly of society merely doing whatever they can to survive.

Not particularly strong of body, Vanto was however, clever, diligent and astute. By 10, he led a small crew of runners that smuggled foodstuffs across customs checkpoints. By 11, his entire crew was pinched thanks to some bad intel along with an opportunistic rival (who now considers the matter square), and thanks to a recruiting program to bolster the ranks of the militia, he was given the choice of incarceration or enlistment.

What Vanto could remember of his parents were that his father Piotr would often relax after a hard day's work watching mech-sports with his mother nestled lovingly in his lap. Throughout their modest home before they decided to immigrate to Detroit were posters of various robo-gladiators with a picture of their mech of choice along with a spec-sheet of their mech layout. He knew that he was named after a long retired robo-gladiator named Eli Vanto, whose methodical acrobatic displays in his modified Phoenix Hawk are a foundation for his own dreams. His parents' decision to move was an effort to be closer to their bliss.

And so the decision was an easy one to make. He would enlist into the militia at Detroit with dreams of potentially someday aspiring to be a mech-warrior himself. Unfortunately, his aptitude tests placed him into logistics coordination. And he was surprisingly good at it.

For now, Vanto bides his time. He has completed his formal education and is now just beginning his tour of duty. He has little to his name but the shirt off his back, but hopes someday to prove himself worthy of joining the ranks of mech-warriors.
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