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I'll unlock this thread because it looks like there's still some discussion folks want to have, and this is a better venue than a group chat. I'll edit to add in a copy of the cheat sheet that's currently in the GM forum to provide an overview of how points are awarded and how much. For those of you who want to opine on the state of the points menu and all its related systems I have a few basic asks:

1) Familiarize yourself with this thread, in particular my post at the beginning outlining my rationale. I (among others) spent time and effort thinking about this, justifying it, and writing all of that up- I don't think it's unreasonable to expect some return effort in reading what I wrote.
2) The menu as-is flows from three basic goals: Make the site more accessible to new players, incentivize GMing, and make it more difficult to circumvent randomness in games. If you post changes with a different goal, you'll need to convince me that it's worth pursuing.
3) I don't know what the status of different dimensions is at this point, but HU2 at least is still using the old system. Bear in mind that the default points menu is opt-in, and to my knowledge only the Rifts dimensions have opted in thus far.
4) I don't have any illusions about my ability to make a system that all 40+ people in this community will love. People posting here shouldn't either. :-P

Current Quad Cheat Sheet
End of Quad Points Cheat Sheet
  1. Admins
    • Site admin (Dark Lord)- awarded points once per year with the February 1 quad according to poll.
    • Site techie (Tiree)- awarded a flat seven points per year with the February 1 quad.
    • Marketplace manager (Underguard) and Quad Accountant (whoever volunteers) get three points each as outlined here.
    • Freelance XP awarders get two points.
  2. Dimension Masters (DMs)
    • Flat one point per quad for themselves.
    • Flat three dimensional points for contests, etc.
  3. Game Masters (GMs)
    • All GMs get 5-10 points per quad based on the results of a poll of their players, as outlined here.
    • All GMs get 1-5 points per quad based on their own personal PPW, as outlined here.
    • GMs who do their own XP get an additional two points for the quad.
    • GMs of fast-posting groups are also eligible for points as outlined here.
  4. Assistant GMs (AGMs)
    • All AGMs earn between 1-3 points per quad based on their GM’s evaluation, which will be posted in a thread in the GM forum.
  5. Players
    • All players get 1-5 points per quad based on each character’s personal PPW, as outlined here.
    • Members of fast-posting groups are also eligible for points as outlined here.
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