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Current Events:

Lyerton, Kimi, Detroit, Ur Cruinne, and Alloway have formed a tentative alliance to work together in order to overcome the pirate raids that have continued to increase in the area since the end of the Third Succession War. While the alliance has been mostly successful, constant fears and political divides have grown to hamper some efforts to combat the pirates. Nowhere is this on greater display than Detroit. The moderately populated mining world is home to many corporations with their own security forces. While initially approved by the planetary government of Detroit, these mercenaries soon proved as much of a nuisance as the pirates. Competing corporations fighting amongst themselves prevented Detroit from participating in several joint raids on Pirate strongholds in the area.

The current political push from Lyerton is to remove Detroit from the alliance for lack of support. While currently a deadlock Kimi supports removing Detroit, Ur Cruinne and Alloway support Detroit’s continued membership.

Detroit, looking to rid themselves of the corporations’ constant interference has bolstered their ranks with new recruits. The task falls to Captain Garak Fisher, leader of Detroit’s planetary defense force to whip these green horns into an effective fighting force before opinion sways in the wrong direction and Detroit loses its place in the fragile alliance.

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