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Charles Constantine Dunscon (Chaos Wizard)

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Player's Name: Bert
Link to PbP RPG Ledger: Link
G-Mail: lifeismeals at groupchat

Character Name: Charles Constantine Dunscon
Alias: Chucky, Third
Occupation: Drug Rehab Counselor, Wrestling Coach, Cook
O.C.C.: Chaos Wizard
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 8,251
Next Level @ XP: 16,500
Disposition: Warm, easy going, disarmingly charming.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 18
M.E.: 16
M.A.: 22
P.S.: 34
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 19
P.B.: 14
Speed: 32 (22 mph / 36 kmph)

P.P.E.: 34 @ lvl 4 (+1d6+1/lvl)
H.P.: 28 @ lvl 4
S.D.C.: 63 @ lvl 4
Age: 30
Sex: M
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Weight: 175
Description: Wirey/Sinewy build. Dark Brown Skin, Curly Hair. Mom is Southern Indian, Dad is Caucasian. Mixed Race kid.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 28% (+3%/lvl) (+15% for Arcane)
Charm/Impress: 30%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 75%
Max. Encumbrance: 52.5 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 680 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 1360 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 17 foot length, 8.5 foot height
Become a Mega Damage Being: within 1000 ft of a leyline. Hit Point + SDC + 2/lvl. MDC field regens at 1/ml (99 MD)
Learns 1d4 new spells every level (chaos magic any, wizard invocation 1-4)
Spell Strength: 13
PPE Recovery: 1d6+4 via sleep/meditation, 2d6+4 when in Blue Zone

M.O.S. Skills
Skill name: Totaled% (Increment %/lvl)
(Upgrade to HtH Martial Arts at No Cost)

O.C.C. Skills
Skill name: Totaled% (Increment %/lvl)
Speak Read/Write Native Language (English) 94% (+1%/lvl)
Speak Read/Write Second Language (Hindi) 72% (+3%/lvl)
Basic Math: 95% (+3%/lvl)
Climbing: 76%/59% (+5%/lvl)
Land Navigation: 57% (+4%/lvl)
Lore: Demon & Monsters: 54% (+5%/lvl)
Pilot: Automobile 80% (+2%/lvl)
Pilot: Hovercycles 83% (+3%/lvl)
Fishing: 59% (+5%/lvl)
Cook: 64% (+5%/lvl)
Computer Operations: 88% (+3%/lvl)
Computer Programming: 78% (+3%/lvl)

Related O.C.C./Occupational Skills
Skill name: Totaled% (Increment %/lvl)
Radio Basic: 74% (+5%/lvl)
Computer Repair: 49% (+5%/lvl)
Automotive Mechanics: 73% (+3%/lvl)
First Aid: 64% (+5%/lvl)
Swimming: 69% (+5%/lvl)

Sense of Balance: 69% (+5%/lvl)
Work Parallel Bars & Rings: 73% (+3%/lvl)
Climb Rope: 80% (+2%/lvl)
Back Flip: 89% (+5%/lvl)

Pick Locks: 49% (+5%/lvl)
Prowl: 54% (+5%/lvl)

Secondary Skills
Skill name: Totaled% (Increment %/lvl)
Streetwise (lvl1): 40% (+4%/lvl)
Body Building/Weight Lifting (lvl4)
WP Automatic Pistol
WP Blunt

Combat Data
Combat Moves:

Punch (1d4 damage)
Elbow (1d4 damage)
Kick attack (2d4 damage)
Karate Kick (2D6 damage)
Knee attack (1d4 damage)
Disarm, Dodge
Body Block Tackle (1d4 damage)
Power Punch
Power Kick
Pull Punch
Body Flip/Throw (1d6 damage, victim loses init and one attack)
Pin Incapacitate on Nat 18,19,20
Crush/Squeeze 1d4. Each Squeeze counts as a ml/attack

HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +3
HTH Damage Bonus: +21
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: 0

Weapon Proficiencies

Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
WP Hand Guns: +1 to strike at Lvls 2,4,6,8,12,14

Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost
WP Blunt: +1 to strike and parry at Lvls 1,3,6,9,13. +1 to throw and 5,10,15 (+2)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +8%
Magic (varies): +3
Lethal Poison (14+): +2
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +2
Insanity (12+): +1
Psionics (15+): +1
Horror Factor (varies): +3
Add others as needed

Spell List
Chaos Magic:
Air Bridge(3)
Create an invisible platform made from a cushion of air to bridge gaps. Can go rooftop to rooftop, cross over holes, chasms, ravines. Bridge can go straight across or up to 25 degrees. Bridge must start/end on solid ground. Length is 20 ft/lvl, cross at wizard spd

Debris Wall(8)
60 ft + 10ft/lvl, 2min duration, Must maintain focus, 10x10x5 ft + 5x5x2.5 per lvl of experience

Self, 2 min/lvl, Magic Spell makes chaos wizard invis to all forms of optics and sensors. As long as char stays quiet and hidden in place of concealment, they cannot be seen.

Home Free (12)
Self, Instant, Can teleport to established/freq used hideout or home. Only these two type of places. Can teleport himse and one other person every two lvls. To very familiar and safe place only, perfect everytime

Life Line (3)
Self, line of sight 100ft +20ft/lvl, 2min/lvl, Make length of roope appear and one end in mage hand and the other at the hands of another character. Can only use to rescue and pull character up.

Lookout (4)
Self or tch, 2 hours, Keep individual awake and alert to sus sounds and activities. +1 to init, +2 to save vs magic/psionics that induce sleep or attack the senses.

Shield Bubble (30)
30 feet/lvl, Semi Transparanet forcefield, can be used to block doorways, breaches in walls/doorways. As large as 12x12 feet and 20 MDC/lvl.

Five of Choice:
Quiet Walk (5) (15)
Self or two others by touch, 2 min/lvl, double in bluezone. Move without making noise, +15% to prowl, max spd is 1/2 SPD attribute

Jack Rabbit (5)
Self or 60 ft, line of sight, 1min/lvl, run at triple SPD, opponents are -5 to strike, +2 to dodge.

Spider Leap (6) (12)
Self, 15 min/lvl, Can leap straight up and stick to ceiling or underside of ledge, up to 50 ft high. +10% to prowl if quiet, may be used in conjunction with chameleon or hide spell

Spider Walk (15) (45)
Self, 10 min/lvl, Can climb on the side of walls, ships, pillars, girders, trees and most surfaces, at 1/2 SPD attribute

Cat Drop (4)
Self or person 300ft away, line of sight required. Can survive a 20 feet/lvl drop, double in blue zone

(lvl 2) (4)
Demon Strength (5)
Self or one other, but costs double ppe, 30 secs/lvl, double on leyline. +10 to PS, PS becomes supernatural

Fast Fist (10)
Self, 2 min/lvl, double physical attacks per ml, so long as only fasticuffs or one handed weapon.

Magic Shield (5)
Self, 2 min/lvl, creates 60 MDC shield, +1 to parry

Big (10)
Increase strength by 50% and add 2d6 SDC dmg If demon strenght is cast, PS become supernatural and do dmg accordingly. 2min/lvl double on leyline. Grow 2x to 3x size, weight 2x to 3x. Can carry PS attriibute x 50 poounds. Spd increase by 50%. SDC is increased by 20%, MDC in bluezone

(lvl 3) (4)
Ghost (30)
Self or one 20 ft away, line of sight, 1 ml/lvl, double in blue zone. Turn recipient into intangible blue ghostly figure. While ghost, cannot spk/heard in physical plane, but can walk through walls, descend through floors. Float at 1/2 SPD. Not harmed by physical attacks and electrical attacks do 1/10 in sdc. Imperv to cold, heat, toxic gases. Vulnerable to psionics and other ghostly things. Best for snooping around.

Shadow Meld (5)
Step into shadows, become totally invis. Cannot be dispelled by "See the invisible" Can move from Shadow to Shadow, prowl +15%, opponents are -5 to strike

Magic Net (4)
60 ft, 2 melees/Level, Save: dodge of 16 or higher. Create a net composed of magic fibers and can snaure up to 1-6 human sized victims. Only MDC weapons, magic weapons can affect this net. Helpless to defend or attack.

Deflect (5),
Self, 1 ml action/lvl. Attempt to parry/deflect incoming ranged attacks such as arrows, bullets, lasers, p-beams, rail guns, fireballs, call lightning. +4 to parry, can add pp bonuses only. If success, deflect up to 1d4*10 yards away. Roll 1d20, 1-4 means attack went to ally nearest to mage, 5-8 means hit innocent bystander, 9+ deflected without harming others.

(lvl 4) (1)
Blaster Hands (5)
2d6 + 1/lvl (4d6 +2/lvl in blue zone). 1 ml, double in blue zone. Range is 30ft/lvl, +1 to strike, -10 to dodge

Wizard Invocations:
Armor of Ithan (5)
Create invis, weightless, noiseless mage armor. one minute/lvl, 10 mdc/lvl

Expel Demons (18)
Repel all lessor demons and lesser supernatural beings and not return 1d6 hours.

Implosion Neutralizer (6)
Contain explosives and limit damage. Reduce dmg by half. P.107 BoM

Negate Magic (15)
Cancel effect of mostmagic, 12-15 is needed for spell magic, 16+ for ritual

Purification (Food & Water)
Purify food or water, cleansing it of disease, bacteria, poison/toxins. Up to 50 pounds of food or 10 pounds of water can be purified.

Repel Animals (4)
Make all hostile predatory animals stop/turn/leave. Can affect up to six animals

Sheltering Force (10)
Self, 20 ft away, 1 hr/lvl, Light forcefield that is semi opaque, to accomadate between 2-6 ppl. Resembles a dome shaped tent. Dry and maintains a temp that is -10 F if outside is hot or +10F in cold weather. See P. 114 BoM
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Chuckles' Sheet
PPE: 34
HP: 28
SDC: 63
Charm/Impress: 30%
Trust/Intimidate: 75%
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Equipment Sheet

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Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Thick Hat.
Air Filter
Work boots: Red Wing Iron Rangers
Thick Weather Resistant Winter Coat: Navy Carhartts
MD Expandable Baton (2d4 damage)
Utility belt
Survival Knife hooked on utility Belt (1d6 damage)
Collapsible Baton (1d6 damage)
1d6 * 100: [5] = 5 worth of tradeable goods

Stored in Backpack
.45 Automatic Pistol, 4d6 SDC per roud. Range 135 feet
Several pairs of insulated socks
Sun glasses
Pocket Computer
Small Notebook
1x mechanical pencil
1x flashlight
1x disposable lighter
1d4+4: [3]+4 = 7 sets of clothing: e.g. long underwear, insulated hoodies, belt, multiple sets of work pants (e.g. dickies)
1d6: [4] = 4 markers

Stored in Vehicle

Gear Stats
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Chuckles' Sheet
PPE: 34
HP: 28
SDC: 63
Charm/Impress: 30%
Trust/Intimidate: 75%
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As the saying goes, nothing rises and falls faster than the American Family. The Dunscons had an excellent run in the early 21st century. They parlayed their success into investment and community works. Eager to stake a name for themselves, the family leveraged their considerable holdings in the rising trend of artificial intelligence. Having the consultation of experts and the backing of other well-to-dos, the Dunscons then launched more than a few education initiatives for the gifted and the for the downtrodden. At the end of the 2030s, more than a dozen Georgia schools were erected in their namesake. The city of Atlanta presented a key to the family. A new highway erected to remediate the oft congested Barrett Parkway thorough fare was named after the Dunscons. Monuments stood tall celebrating the contributions of this family, monuments that would stand long after the Dunscons fortunes waned away.

Charles Constaintine Dunscon III came from a reputation rich, cash poor family. There is really no label in American society for their predicament. As the 2050s and 60s passed, the patents lapsed, the contents of their intellectual property folder began to be superseded by the eventual tide of progress. Subsequent holders of the fortune were not able to capitalize on their privilege. They grew complacent, stopped striving, backed the wrong political candidates and lost money. Long ago, the official family motto was "Nos Primum", the unofficial one, "Woo and Marry those whom are better". At the very least, Charles Constaintine Dunscon II was able to do that.

The Charles Dunscons stayed within the academic community. Father Dunscon (Chuck Jr) and Mother (Lanelle) met late in graduate school in Chicago, Mother was talented enough to get a tenured track job right away after graduation, while Father followed Mother to Champagne, Illinois to start his first post doc. A decade came and went. They had themselves Charles III, (his father liked to call him Third, his mother called him Chucky). Lanelle had graduated to full professorship, while Father transitioned to being a research professor for his department. With another possible child on the way, he adjuncted everywhere in the surrounding community to help with the bills.

Obviously, an academic family would put their children's academic upbringing at the utmost priority. Chuck the Third never lacked for schooling. He was precocious and athletic enough to get through much of private school gracefully. He found his first love when he was first introduced to the wrestling mat at 14. A mixed Indian wrestler at 165 pounds was never going to turn the heads of many scouts. He didn't look especially imposing, he didn't move gracefully on the mat, but he was very fast and very strong. Eventually, he got good enough to finish out his senior year with a decent financial aid package. Then he leveraged his wrestling career to a partial scholarship to study MIS at the business school at the nearby university. His younger siblings were coming up the private school system just fine, his mother's career was on solid footing, and his father's research lab finally took on enough grant money to give him a proper raise. An air of relief was felt throughout his final year at high school.

Things were going swimmingly for a few years. Chuck didn't really want to go into the CS program, despite his grades being good enough. He rationalized that business school acumen would let him learn a business faster, and the ability to code is already a dying skill. Institutional AI co-authors guided development with a heavy hand, soon the career programmer would go the way of the stage coach reinsman. He reasoned that while he was capable of being technical, he gravitated towards working with people. Besides, a heavy CS course load would cut into his wrestling regiment, which he had to perform at a high level to keep his scholarship. He moved out to college housing, then lived independently as he paid rent via wages from restaurant gigs, the occasional turn at being an auto mechanic, or research computing at his father's lab if they would have him. He didn't want to burden his parents with even more financial demands, so he never asked for money. Chuck made an arrangement that he would call at least once a week, and make time to have dinner with the family at least once a fortnight.

Three years went by. It was the end of the spring semester. Diligent time spent taking summer courses meant Chuck was ahead of schedule. He could graduate early. Or he could go back and use his last year of college eligibility. Not only that, but he was currently number 6 in the state for his weight class, and most of the people ahead of him were graduating. If he did well enough in the state tournaments, he could make the NCAAs again.

Then out of the blue, his mom called. She was in tears. She told him to come home right away. His little brother, all of sixteen years old, was in the hospital. He apparently was an aspiring chemist and cooked up some "bath salts" for himself and some of his friends. His grades had long been suffering, but everyone seemed to be too busy to really figure out what was going on. Shortly after, his parents had a big fight. Years of resentment came crashing down. Things were said, they couldn't be unsaid, and both parents were too proud and too arrogant to see the other's point of view. Mother moved out in a few weeks, and took the youngest daughter with her. Chuck's younger brother was kicked out of school for the incident, and he now attended a local high school, where he parlayed his new-found chemical expertise for social relationships. Not long after, one of his patches ended up killing another kid at school. Chuck's younger brother was 17, and he was tried as an adult. His father, despondent over grief and disappointment, never realized his aspirations back to respectability would have led to the destruction of his family. Chuck Sr. took to the drink, eventually quit his job and sold the house. Then he disappeared.

Chuck spent the remaining summer visiting his brother and watch both his parent's psychological condition slowly come apart. By the time his father sold the house, Chuck was the one responsible adult that was capable of getting the house for showing, as well as taking care of his younger sister when mom was trying to keep the grief at bay by working. He would "borrow" his mother's car to visit sporadically his brother at the county lock up before he was transferred to prison five hours away south of Carbondale.

Then school started. As the saying goes, whatever maybe, may be. Chuck had no heart for wrestling. He graduated in the fall and took a corporate job nearby to work on databases and fleet management. Realizing that most of corporate computing is busy work, and he really didn't have any interest in participating in this particular version of snakes and ladders, he bid his time until his brother's sentencing. Then he left the state to Indiana, picking up odd jobs along the way.

Chuck stumbled on a chance meeting with an acquaintance of an acquaintance, who in turn introduced him to a counselor at a local homeless shelter. Chuck realized that his athletic statue and good looks gave him an inside lane, and his temperament and charisma allowed him to connect and persuade well with those who wrestled with demons. Finding a new calling in life, he plunged head first into recovery work. He worked multiple jobs, working as a cook for the homeless kitchen, being a part-time drug counselor at a recovery house and coaching wrestling on the side, for the better part of 7 years. He participated in numerous outreach programs, eventually figuring out the lay of the land, especially when it came to troubled youth and the gangs and predators that preyed on them.

The end was very fucking nigh. And nobody suspected a thing.

Chuck was working in the kitchen with a few helpers. Some of them were local residents at the shelter. Some were volunteers. An older gentleman had recently checked into the facility. He had dark auburn skin and bright blue eyes, a well built statue with a surly demeanor to match. Sporting a robust beard, he was adorned in what seemed like work clothes. He looked a little worn but carried himself with a piercing gaze, accented by wild bushy eyebrows. Chuck reasoned that he was probably one of many whom had suffered lay offs and lost their place of abode for one reason or another after the economic downturn. He signed himself in as Darmin Boady.

Chuck's workplace was situated in Noblesville, a community part of North Indianapolis. Normally most northern indianapolis neighborhoods had traditionally been very safe. But with the influx of trade embargos and international unrest, stock markets have been bearish and layoffs had begun. Chuck noticed the foot traffic steadily pick up over the last six months, but donations from restaurants, food banks and church organizations had been leaner as the months go by. Trying to make the meals go further, Chuck switched attempted to switch to a more vegetable heavy diet, borrowing heavily from his mother's Northern Indian Brahmin cooking.

After one suck meal, Darmin waltzed into the kitchen, bare foot and demanded to speak to Chuck. Chuck took a deep breath, expecting some manner of complaint. Surprisingly, Darmin explained that he himself had some experience preparing this food. So long as he didn't have to touch meat, especially beef, he would like to help. Thoroughly underpaid and overworked, Chuck was cautiously enthusiastic about some real help. Chuck reached into his locker, took out a brand new pair of kitchen work shoes and gave them to Darmin. Meal prep for each meal starts two hours before service. Please don't be late.

Later on, a well to do Hindi temple called to donate some food. Needing an extra pair of hands, Chuck recruits Darmin to go with him to Indianapolis to pick up the supplies. Arriving between meals, Chuck meets the representative at the gate and begins conversing in Hindi. He had never been to this Hindi Temple before and decided to be extra pleasant and polite. In case the center needed to solicit any more donations, he could possibly make the phone call. Speaking carefully in Hindi, he did not garner the attention he had hoped. Perhaps it was his less than formal outfit, or that he had only used Hindi with his mother and sister recently, the representative looked at him quizically. "I did not take you for a person to speak our language. Where are your parents from?", responded the attendant in English. Eyeing an opening, Chuck replied that his mother was from Andrah Pradesh. "Ahhh. Interesting. Are you volunteering over the holidays?" Chuck, understanding now that this was now a conversation about caste and status, replied: "I work for the shelter. They have a drug rehab outreach program and that is my trade." With only a faint glint of disapproval, the representative nodded but did not make eye contact again. He simply directed the Chuck and Darmin to the kitchen where food and produce had been loaded into containers. He did not stick around to show them out.

Darmin smiled knowingly at Chuck. "That man would arrange a marriage with Kamadhenu if it would help his social standing." Chuck couldn't help but chuckle, as Kamadhenu is a Hindu goddess whom is often depicted as a human/cow hybrid with wings.

Chuck decided to take more each trip, hoisting several hundred pounds worth of food under each arm. Somehow, Darmin does not bat an eye and keeps up in earnest. Well that's strange. But he's helping. Say something nice! "Darmin, that's really impressive. I thought I was reasonably strong. Do you wanna work out with me in the morning? There is a small area in the basement of the shelter where I have stashed some work out gear." Darmin raises his eyebrows. He says, "Would this be before or after meals, Chef?". "Well, generally I come in and make something to eat, work out, then cook for everyone else. Would you like to join me for breakfast?" asked Chuck. Darmin grinned devilishly, and then without warning, reached in to give Chuck a bear hug. It felt nothing short of intimidating.

Carrying the last of the boxes, Chuck was about to leave with Darmin from the front door. A very elegantly dressed middle aged Indian gentleman suddenly locks eyes with Darmin.

"Hey Boady, how's it going?"
"Hey Kripa, been a while. You are hanging out here now?"

The two uncles dap it up. "Where are you staying at?" "Out of mind, out of sight. You sticking around after the new year?" "I don't know, I hope I get to leave soon. Been a while!"

The two suddenly burst into laughter. Chuck looked on in amusement. Groceries in his hand, he waited patiently for those two dudes to catch up.

Suddenly, the nicely dressed man addresses Chuck, "Young man, aren't those groceries heavy?"

"They are alright. I didn't want the containers to scuff your floor."

"Ahhh, I understand now. Has Darmin asked you to work out with him yet?"

"Yessir, he just proposed we do something tomorrow morning."

Kripa shoots a look to Darmin, then turns back to Chuck,

"Very good. What do you do, if you don't mind me asking?"

Flashing back to the previous exchange, Chuck sheepishly replies "I work for a drug rehab shelter in Noblesville"

Kripa beams. "Ah, you must not be bashful because you live an austere life. You are doing good work because you believe in the right things. There is no higher calling in life."

Chuck feeling even more embarassed about feeling embarassed, smiles weakly. "Indeed sir. I should get these in the car."

Expeditiously exiting the building and loading the van, he gets in the drivers seat and takes a deep breath. Man, I only wished my mom and dad would say that to me once.

Kripa and Darmin exit the building together, they shake hands and embrace. For the first time in the last fortnight, Darmin seems elated. Getting in the passenger side, Darmin says "Hey, Kripa's a fucking prince and he likes you man. Do you."

Chuck bites his lip, says nothing. Darmin spends the remainder of the drive gently talking about pride, expectations, transcient achievements and how participating in suffering is a choice. Chuck nods along gently, taking the words in. When Darmin stops, Chuck reflects briefly on what just happened. For the first time in a while, he felt gratitude to be in the presence of wisdom.

The workout the next morning was interesting. Darmin warmed up with a 40 rep set of deadlift with a 425 pounds loaded on the olympic bar. He encouraged Chuck to follow. Chuck tried to keep up. They worked at a frenetic pace and only took 30 second breaks between sets. Sweat poured forth from their head and torso. In a cold December basement, they were drenched. Satisfied with the workout, Darmin decided to show Chuck some breathing exercises. Chuck had a bit of experience doing yoga, but these exercises were done standing. They were slow active stretches that didn't feel particularly straining, but seemed helpful as Chuck spent many hours standing on a kitchen floor or hunched over a table chopping.

"They don't look so hard, but I showed these stretches to a bunch of dudes who spent a lot of time meditating and it helped their mobility a lot. I only ask you to do this. When you do these stretches, try to think about how your body is connected together, and how you are connected to the floow. Keep your breathing very gentle and concentrate both on the sensation of your feet touching the ground, as well as your top of your head pointing to the sky. You should feel parts of your body trying to relax as you do. And there is a gentle sensation, that kinda feels like a coolness wiggling around in your body. Pay attention to these feelings when you do these exercises."

Chuck nodded along. He didn't really feel much doing these stretches the first couple of times, but one day in the kitchen, while taking a break from chopping onions, he started doing those stretches and it began to affect him. A sensation that felt strangely like goosebumps, travelling from his feet, through his hamstrings and glutes, through his abs, up his back, down his arms, and then finally through his finger tips. Well this was weird. Suddenly, Darmin pops in. Taking a quick look at Chuck, he says "Oh, you've been practising. I'll leave you be." And then Darmin went back to watch TV.

For the next few months, Darmin and Chuck grew closer. On Saturday dinner, Darmin and Chuck would start cooking early. Then around six o'clock, Chuck would head into Indiapolis to work with a few high school students on wrestling. Chuck would run the class for a good three hours or so. At first Darmin would watch, then he sometimes volunteered to spar with the students. He is, in a word, formidable. Sometimes Chuck and Darmin would spar to make a point. Chuck would be the dummy. Darmin would wrap him around and take him to deep, deep waters.

Kripa would come by the shelter and rekindle an old friendship with Darmin. Every Sunday, they would meet up. First it was just Darmin and Kripa talking while Chuck would sit by and listen. Gradually, a consistent topic of the over arching themes that bridged Hindi, Buddhist and Western mysticism would establish. Darmin had encouraged Chuck to read a bit more about western mysticism traditions, bringing up things like the Golden Dawn and various esoteric practices. Then every week they would sit somewhere quietly and would gently discuss the overarching goal of mysticism in the role of civilization.

After a few weeks, Chuck finally figured out that they were there for his benefit. He would read up, show up at the basement and be ready to talk. In the grand theme of mysticism, it was first and foremost important let go of the necessity to deconstruct something to understand it. It was also important to embrace intuition. Everyone has a different background and their intellectual framework is different, so attaching new things to it is often a personal matter. Repeatedly, Chuck was shown examples on the how and whys of honing these ideas by studying how things are necessarily connected, and how some patterns tended to repeat themselves. In the last few weeks, Kripa had embarked on giving Chuck things to do, like study how he can affect a conversation or discussion or even arguments at work with minimal active participation. Chuck was feeling like he was getting the hang of things, but to what end of this particular mentorship was about, he didn't really understand. All he knew was that he was getting stronger in both mind and body, and he welcomed the investment from both gentlemen.

December 21st, 2098

Kripa had stopped by for tea. It was a Sunday, and they decided to have their little meeting at the basement. Chuck stacked some 45 lb plates and threw a piece of wooden board over them as a make shift coffee table and out of nowhere Kripa furnished a thermost while Darmin brought some snacks.

Tonight began with a conversation about Asuras. Kripa and Chuck had a long standing disagreement with the importance of the origin of virtue as self governance. Being they were of different religious backgrounds, while their definition of piety was similar, they had very different opinions on getting there. The topic of Asuras gave rise to a bit of heat, as both of them debated on the role of Devils as foils of virtue. The argument stretched into the night and into the wee hours of the morning.

Around 2:00AM, Chuck noticed that Kripa and Darmin's shadows started to look startlingly different. In his shadows, Kripa was wearing elaborate battle gear from ancient times with a bow and quiver strapped to his back. Darmin's statue looked taller and even more muscular, with a bo staff by his side. They were getting more and more excited, and more than a bit snippy. Chuck decided to take a break and go fetch more water for tea. As he rounded into the kitchen, he noticed that the inhabitants of the house had gathered into the TV room. The tensions in South America had boiled over.

Running downstairs, he came to a shocking spectale. Darmin and Kripa appeared in a different form. They were also arguing loudly in what appears to be Sanskrit. Shouting over them, Chuck says:

"Guys, nuclear war just broke out over South America. It looks really bad. Maybe we should just call it a night. I'm so tired I must be hallucinating..."

Darmin looked down at himself, as did Kripa. "Oh no." They both exclaimed.

Feeling a rumble from the ground, Kripa yells out. "We must leave here now. Quickly!"

Sprinting up the stairs, Chuck was halfway up the stair well before the building started falling in. A piece of rebar grazed his forehead. He looked up and watched the ceiling fall in. Suddenly, he felt someone grab him by the wrist, and in a flash he was outside.

Chuck stood up and looked around him. A faint smell of gas permeated the area. The shelter house that had stood for over a hundred years had been reduced to rubble. Mouth agape, Chuck slowly walked towards the rubble when he was pulled back by Darmin.

"I'm sorry about your friends. They did not gonna make it."

A flame erupted over the corner of the house before quickly enveloping the entire house. Garmin yells at Kripa: "Quickly, help me with this."

They sprint towards the minivan that belonged to Chuck. In unison, they lifted the vehicle off the ground and carried it far away from the flames. Chuck watched in astonishment. WTF is going on? Meanwhile, condo buildings nearby were being ripped in half. Sirens echoed the air. Bedlam would soon begin.

Chuck fell to his knees. He tried to make sense of it, until Kripa picked him up by the armpit in one hand, flipped the poor man around and said:

"Young man, there is no making sense of this. Best busy yourself with what you can do in this situation.

Chuck, perhaps temporarily shaken out of shock, managed to mindfully put his horror aside and begin to act. Getting in his car, the other two crawled in the back and drove to the nearest house. They would work up and down the block, pulling people out of the rubble. Chuck would apply whatever first aid he could if the situation merited it. If the situation was dire, Kripa would reach out and do some mystical healing of his own. Otherwise people were ferried to the nearest emergency room by car. Fortunately the closest hospital was mere minutes away.

Chuck first encountered his first mystical act while pulling a piece of rubble off of a child that night. The poor toddler was trapped under a slab of concrete about four by six feet. It looked like more than a few thousand pounds. Chuck tried every which way to get the slab off the child. Calling out to Darwin and Kripa, they started to walk over. Then suddenly, Darmin held back Kripa and said "Let the boy figure it out." Puzzled, Chuck replied back "Old man, just what the hell do you mean?". Darmin smiled and said "You got this, just think back on what we talked about full body connection. The kid's got a few more minutes. We'll help if you can't figure it out."

This is not the fucking time for this! Crouching low on one end of the concrete slab, Chuck relaxed just enough to rekindle the feeling of goosebumps moving through his body. Suddenly his hands glowed in a blue hue. In full explosive motion, Chuck lifted up the slab, then pushed it over. "Holy mother of Christ, what is this?" exclaimed Chuck. Kripa motioned to Darmin with a thumbs up and Darmin managed a huge ear to ear grin. "You've got this kid. I believe in you! Now keep that feeling going while you try and dig out the parents!". Quickly, Chuck started looking for the parents, picking and throwing chunks of house around. Dad was laying on top of Mom, taking the bulk of the punishment. He hadn't stopped breathing for long, and Kripa nestled him back into health. Mom was in hysterics and thought they were all going to die.

Darmin folded down the seats in the minivan in the back. He walked over, waving his palm slowly over the mom's head. Within moments, she was calm enough to get her bearings and get on her two feet. They loaded the injured into the car as gently as possible and carefully drove to the hospital.

The trio took many such trips that night. By day break, the local hospital was so swamped that triage was standing room only. Chuck dropped off the last injured person, a nine year old with a broken arm, with her parents. Her arm was held together by a piece of 2x4 stud while fastened to her arm with a ripped up undershirt. Running on fumes mystically, figuratively and finally, literally, he made his last trip to the hospital.

Kripa asked Chuck if he could drop him off at the Temple. He said he was low on reserves. Instead Darmin offered to take him. Chuck looked back at the two and said: "How will I find you both?"

Darmin looked at Kripa, then he said to Chuck: "Class is over kid. I'm gonna wisk him back and help those at the temple however I can. You've been thoroughly trained and tonight you graduated. I'm got enough for a one way trip with Kripa. I want you to go home, pack whatever you can get the fuck out of town before traffic becomes impossible. Go wherever you want, but stay out of cities unless you are going expressedly to help!"

Without further ado, they bade each other farewell. Darmin gesticulated with his fingers wildly. Then a blue portal opened and both beings stepped through. That was the last Chuck saw of his mentors.

Chuck had tried to call his mom and his sister many times. First the calls were left unanswered. Then they went to voicemail. Finally, they didn't even connect. Chuck was a long way from Nashville. Gingerly, he reached down beneath the dash to an old CB radio. He reached down and cranked the amplifier to 200 watts, then flipped it onto channel 19. Gingerly over the mic, he tapped 75 in morse, then S.O.S., followed by BK. He waited, not expecting a reply. Suddenly, he heard two messages over the radio "38, 87.5, 88, BK." Motherfucker, you're in Evansville now? I guess I'm going there first. I hope you're not fucking cooking down there.

Quickly, Chuck drove back to his apartment and was surprised to find it was still in tact. Garnering whatever he could, he managed to score some food and some extra containers full of water before he departed. Once he got to his vehicle without further issues, he set his eyes south to Evansville, Indiana, to look for his brother.

The highways were chaos. Everybody lost somebody and nobody seemed to have any patience. Pulling off to the side of the road, his phone was offline, but the maps app still seemed to work. There must've been a cached copy of the surrounding area. He had just drove to Nashville for Thanks Giving. Maybe he would catch a lucky break.

Pulling up the app, he changed some settings to avoid highways. What backroads can I take?. Finding an older highway, he charted a course going through Danville, then VIA IN-32 to US-75S, US-40W, then a few more twists and turns, then it's a straight shot via US-41 S to Evansville.

The van is old but it will run for the next three days if it doesn't overheat.... Writing the course information down on a piece of paper, Chuck gingerly turns on the van and see if the onboard navigation system works better than the one on his phone. Other than complaining about not being able to recieve updates, it seems to work okay.. The drive towards Evansville was mostly congested, but surprisingly enough, people minded their business most of the way.

Pulling into an open look that looks thoroughly devoid of people, he scans the shops. To his left is an old medical center. It provides X Rays and Lab work. To his right, a comic book store, a japanese restaurant that suffered a fire and a small corner asian super market that has seen better days. Not a car in sight, Chuck turns on his CB radio again. Tapping away on the mike, he managed 'CP 38,87. 88. ADRS'. Not 30 seconds after he clicked off his mike, the speaker cracks to life. ' 988, 580. 88.'. Aight!.

Knowing his brother, those were minor numbers to append to the gps major numbers. It's now almost noon. Fires are coming up over the horizon. The local airport has a few blacked out windows. The runway is in rough shape. It will most likely need to be resurfaced before it can be used again.

Let's get on with it..

The drive into the city was slow. Abandoned cars everywhere, people jumping into the street waving for help, authorities nowhere to be seen. This disaster seems more and more widespread and less and less regional. Phones are still not connecting, much of the communication infrastructure is still down. Chuck puts asides his worry and makes as much haste as possible to the destination. Finally, pulling up to the destination, he sees an old apartment building to his left and a car repair shop that had already been broken into. Unwilling to get out of his car, he scans the streets. People are already gathering. Some of them look desperate. This was already a blighted neighborhood before the disaster, no doubt people are more than willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

Not stopping, he parks behind the apartment building, out of sight and possibly out of mind. He reaches for the radio when he hears a knock on the window. Turning to his side, he sees his brother approaching from behind of the car, flanked by a few of his new friends coming up towards the wind shield. They seemed armed.

Well maybe they are just being careful.

Getting out of his car, he reaches for an embrace for his brother only to feel the muzzle of a pistol on the side of his ribs.

"Derek just what the fuck are you doing? I drove three hours through all of this to get you."

"See, you left me in prison. I just got out. Now I got to make some new friends. Just give me the keys. You're my brother so I'm gonna let you walk away from this."

Chuck could feel the blood leaving his face. He heaves his brother and drops him onto the ground. Infuriated, Derek fires two shots into Chuck while Chuck reaches for the gun. Holding his arms forward to reach for the gun. One bullet grazed his right cheek and the other grazing his shoulder. Hearing the bullets wiz past him, Chuck feels nothing. Adrenaline kicking in, he grabs the piece by the slide and manages to point the gun downward.

At this point, Derek's cohorts have clearly ran out of patience. One reaches under his coat and produces a shotgun. The other reaches for an automatic. Aiming at both Derek and Chuck, they both open fire. Chuck sees this and instinctively jumps in front of the muzzle to shield Derek. Derek sees what is happening, stops struggling, picks himself up and turns to run.

The shotgun blast hits Chuck first in the back. He felt the bludgeoning force slightly, but he didn't feel too adversely affected. Instead the wind shield, the front of the car and side panels of his mini van were dented with little pellets. He shot me with bird shot. What a moron..

Owww! cried out one of the gang bangers. Chuck turns around and realizes he is covered in a tight field, tinted with a light blue hue. The shotgun blast ricocheted much of its payload off the field. Their faces bleeding, they hunched over. The gang banger with the pistol started shooting wildly. Some of those shots hit Chuck's car, some of them hit him and bounced off the blue field. Chuck didn't linger. Getting in his car, he drove down the back alley and onto the street. Derek was nowhere to be found and Chuck didn't stop to look.

Antifreeze was steaming out of the hood and Chuck could smell lubricant burning. Driving as far as he could, he opted not to take the side roads and just drive back to Indianapolis and try his luck there. The vehicle finally came to its knees around Bloomington. For what would be an hour drive would turn into a 50 mile hike with just a bit of food and water. He spent the better part of that day following highways, until the looting of vehicles occurred. Getting off the highway and into the country side, he pulls off the road. Gathering his supplies, he even keeps the pistol he ripped off his brother.

25 years of being your brother, and this is what I get...

There are no lights on many stretches of highway. Hiking into Bloomington, the local town was dead. School was out, so the students were gone. The campus was thoroughly vacated. He tried his luck at a few buildin, eventually finding one where the door had been torn from the hinges. Camping there for the night, he found a class room in the top floor near a stair well. He had about 2000 calories left in his back pack and some water. None of the water fountains worked, but the local bathroom miraculously still had running water going to the tap. He filled up, took off his shoes and slumped on the floor.

He awoke to a blue pulsating glow lighting up the night sky. (MORE ON THIS)

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Charles Constantine Dunscon (Chaos Wizard) Stats Worksheet

Post by CC_Dunscon »

Age Range: 1d100: [99] = 99
Age: 25+ 1d10: [4] = 4 = 30

Psionics: 1d100: [77] = 77 NO PSIONICS

Early Teens Stats, SDC, Hitpoints:
IQ: 3d6-L: [6, 2, 4]-L = 10 +2
ME: 3d6-L: [4, 1, 6]-L = 10
MA: 3d6-L: [3, 6, 5]-L = 11
PS: 2d6-L: [6, 3]-L = 6 +4
PP: 3d6-L: [3, 2, 4]-L = 7
PE: 3d6-L: [1, 2, 6]-L = 8
PB: 3d6-L: [4, 2, 4]-L = 8
SPD: 4d6-L+6: [2, 4, 6, 1]-L+6 = 18

Hitpoints: 2d6+3: [3, 6]+3 = 12 + 1d6
SDC: 2d6+4: [6, 5]+4 = 15

Late Teen Stat, SDC, Hitpoint Bonuses:
IQ: +2
ME: +2
MA: +1
PS: +4
PP: +1
PE: +2
PB: +4
SPD: + 2d4-L: [4, 2]-L = 4

Young Adult Stat, SDC, Hitpoint, bonuses:
IQ: 2d4-L: [1, 4]-L = 4
ME: 2d6-L: [4, 4]-L = 4
MA: 2d6-L: [5, 5]-L = 5
PS: 2d6-L: [6, 4]-L = 6
PP: 2d6-L: [3, 2]-L = 3
PE: 2d6-L: [5, 2]-L = 5
PB: 2d6-L: [4, 4]-L = 4

Hitpoints Bonus: 1d6: [5] = 5
SDC Bonus: +8

Adult Stat, Hitpoint, SDC Bonuses:
Hitpoint Bonus: 1d6: [2] = 2 + 3 (See corrections inline in subsequent post)
SDC Bonus: 2d6: [1, 2] = 3 + 6 (Athletic)
PP Bonus: (+1 for athletic)
SPD Bonus: 2d6-L+6: [6, 6]-L+6 = 12 (Athletic) (wait, that's not +6. -6 instead)
Starting PPE: 3d6+8: [5, 5, 5]+8 = 23
Ley Line PPE: 15 points /lvl

IQ: 6,4,4 + 2 +2 = 18
ME: 6,4,4 +2 = 16
MA: 6,5,5 (explodes) +1 + 1d6: [5] = 5 (explodes again) + 1d6: [6] = 6 = 28
PS: 6,6,4 (explodes) + 4 + 1d6: [6] = 6 (explodes again) 1d6: [2] = 2 = 26
PP: 4,3,3 + 1 = 11
PE: 2,6,5 + 2 = 15
PB: 4,4,4 + 4 = 16
SPD: 2,4,6 + 4 + 6 = 22

Hitpoints: 12 + 5 + 2 + 3 = 22
SDC: 15 + 8 + 3 + 6 = 32
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Chuckles' Sheet
PPE: 34
HP: 28
SDC: 63
Charm/Impress: 30%
Trust/Intimidate: 75%
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Levelling Sheet

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Gymnastics: (+2 PS, +2 to PE. +1 to PP, +2d6 SDC)
Wrestling: (+1 to roll with punch/fall, +2 to PS, +1 to PE, +4d6 SDC)
Running (lvl1) (PE + 1, 4d4 to spd, 1d6 to sdc)
Body Building/Weight Lifting (lvl4) (PS +2, 10 to sdc)

Total: PS +6, PE +4, PP +1, SDC 7d6+10: [2, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1]+10 = 31 , SPD 4d4: [4, 1, 2, 3] = 10

Spell Learning 1d4: [4] = 4
Demon Strength
Cat Drop (4)
Dust Blast (4)
PPE: 1d6+1: [1]+1 = 2
Hitpoints: 1d6: [1] = 1

Spell Learning 1d4: [4] = 4
Fast Fist
Fly like Superman
PPE: 1d6+1: [6]+1 = 7
Hitpoints: 1d6: [4] = 4

Spell Learning 1d4: [1] = 1
Home Free
PPE: 1d6+1: [1]+1 = 2
Hitpoints: 1d6: [1] = 1

Extra d6 for HP 1d6: [3] = 3
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Chuckles' Sheet
PPE: 34
HP: 28
SDC: 63
Charm/Impress: 30%
Trust/Intimidate: 75%
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XP Table (Use Mystic according to FAQ)

Post by CC_Dunscon »

Use Rifts Mystic Table According to FAQ

1: 0,000–2,050
2: 2,051–4,100
3: 4,101–8,250
4: 8,251–16,500
5: 16,501–24,600
6: 24,601–34,700
7: 34,701–49,800
8: 49,801–69,900
9: 69,901–95,000
10: 95,001–130,100
11: 130,101–180,200
12: 180,201–230,300
13: 230,301–280,400
14: 280,401–340,501
15: 340,501–400,000
Chuckles' Sheet
PPE: 34
HP: 28
SDC: 63
Charm/Impress: 30%
Trust/Intimidate: 75%
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