Heroes for Hire: Next Contract

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Contract Jobs

Contract: Japan
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Contract: Africa
Contract: England
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Heroes for Hire: Next Contract

Post by Underguard »

Hello Heroes,

You are considered cream of the crop when it comes to mercenary hires and are above small time jobs. With your ability and prowess comes a price tag, one that those seeking your services are prepared for.

Below are four contract jobs from V.I.P.s. with corresponding price tags, and what's expected. You can vote for each option, and provide alternatives if desired. These are world-altering events that I feel the Heroes are capable of that will hopefully lead to a future EPIC. These are each world-impacting jobs.

If you vote Other, please provide an alternative.

  • Primary Contact: Shogun Tanaseda Hideki
    Mission Payout: Negotiable: 50 million, 10 million up front
    Premise: Protect the Tree of Life
    Dossier: The Emperor of the New Empire has received a vision warning of an impending and devastating attack on the Tree of Life in Kyoto from the Oni. To provide a wildcard and alter this future, the Shogun has dedicated vast intelligence and diplomatic relations to find as much information as possible.
    The Shogun recognizes this problem might not be solvable alone and contracts the Heroes for Hire to go behind enemy lines into the Otomo Shogunate and stop the attack before it starts as the ultimate wild card.

  • Primary Contact: Fang Lo
    Mission Payout: Negotiable: 50 million, 10 million up front
    Premise: Stop the Horsemen
    Prologue: The next great Apocalypse on Earth has begun, yet it is in its infancy and can be derailed. Lo Fung has called the Gathering of Heroes. Fang Lo, Lo Fung's trusted ally, is recruiting additional aid from the North American continent, the Heroes for Hire. Katrina Sun is currently hunting for the Horsemen, attempting to locate them before they have the chance to combine and not at the Gathering yet. Victor Lalzo arrived with the famous Erin Tarn and her trusted ally, Sir Thorpe to meet with Lo Fung, Fang Lo and the Heroes that have gathered. An unwelcome face is expected to appear as well.

  • Primary Contact: Sir Prrcyvvel
    Mission Payout: Negotiable: 50 million, 10 million up front
    Premise: Save Lady Guinevere and King Arr'thuu, Defeat Mrrlyn.
    Prologue: Prrcyvvel has made a harrowing discovery that makes him unsure who to trust. The beautiful and sweet Lady Guinevere is actually a thrall of the Enchanter Mrrlyn in his evil scheme to control the people of England and the King. Prrcyvvel has heard of the Heroes for Hire and knows of their prowess and loyalties. Prrcyvvel is forced to make his move to save the King and stop Mrrlyn.

  • Primary Contact: Annias Cearcy, Archmagus of Merctown and Guild Master
    Mission Payout: Item from the Black Vault, 5 million contract fee from Cearcy Up Front, 15 million contract fee upon return of the Contracted Item.
    Premise: Raid the Black Vault
    Dossier: Cearcy has made a critical discovery, he's finally learned the location of the Black Vault. Better still, he knows it contains an item of great value to an associate. Cearcy trusts few, fewer still with the location of the Black Vault. The Heroes, while they are for hire, are known for their integrity. Cearcy contracts the Heroes for Hire to break into the Black Vault and steal the Dragon Cleaver Rune Weapon
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Re: Heroes for Hire: Next Contract

Post by Dark Lord »

Why kill a PC when you can torture their player?
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Re: Heroes for Hire: Next Contract

Post by Grant Latham »

Voted. I say we take care of the dark comtinent, then head north, take care of Myrrlyn, then head east to the land of the rising sun. Sounds like a weeks worth of work. 😝
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Re: Heroes for Hire: Next Contract

Post by Sum of All Fears »

I have voted for the four horseman as well.
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Re: Heroes for Hire: Next Contract

Post by Daisuke »

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