Whitlack Estate

Come and visit the Appalachian Mountains, full of darkness and mystery, where the dark and the green battle for the fate of the world. Set in 1925; Tennessee Valley.
BTS2 house rules, character creation, etc.
3-6 players
DM: Consumer
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Whitlack Estate

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Whitlach Estate

The First Floor
  • Foyer/Mud Room plenty of room to store shoes, coats, and other accoutrements.
  • Main Hall The Hub of the building, a fireplace and large chandelier are features in this room. The Suits of armor are authentic, if decrepit. There is a closet to the left hand side of the room, storing various household goods.
  • Lower Library This room contains several hundred books on a wide variety of topics, most mundane if odd. The books are in a variety of different languages. This room can be used for research purposes for non-supernatural topics.
  • Parlor/Sitting Room A well appointed room, that offers ample space for rest and relaxation. A grand piano sits in this room.
  • Northern Stair Well Access to the upper floor.
  • Lower Study/Office This room houses more mundane paperwork and such, Captain Whitlach did his normal business from this room. has the equivalent of a small library in it.
  • Western Stairwell Access to the upper floor. There is a small bathroom here.
  • Kitchen A decently appointed room for cooking meals.
  • Dining Room A large room for taking meals.
  • Upper Hall The hub of the second floor.
  • Bedroom (Lower Right) A large bedroom with access to a balcony. (Isaiah Pierce currently using)
  • Privy A large bathroom.
  • Upper Office A large office where Captain Whitlach did his paranormal studies. There is a hidden closet behind one of the bookcases. Has what amounts to a moderate sized library of books on occult/esoteric subjects. May be used to do research on supernatural subjects.
  • Sanctum A room with hundreds of bottles of various chemical reagents, likely used in rituals.
  • Trophy Hall A room of taxidermied trophy animals.
  • Bedroom (Left) A small bedroom (Sean Burke currently using)
  • Privy A small bathroom.
  • Bedroom (Upper Left) Another small bedroom. (Violet Rhodes currently using)
  • Dressing Room A room to get ready in.
  • Main Bedroom A huge bedroom. (Zachary Splindt currently using)
Not pictured
  • Garage/Stable A repurposed Stable, that houses the Late Captain's car.
  • Wards Surrounding the property about 50' fro the building is a ward of unknown quality or power. The ward is known to be at least powerful enough to keep spirits and lesser supernatural creatures at bay. ~Consumer
Other note, there are other secrets in the house, but they have yet to be discovered. ~Consumer
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