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Welcome To BattleTech

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The first group will be starting in the Periphery in the year 3026. This is just after the end of the Third Succession War and just prior to the start of the Fourth Succession War.

-With the galaxy still reeling from the destruction of the near 200 year long Third Succession War, planetary governments not affiliated with the Great House move to solidify their positions. With the Great Houses licking their wounds the Periphery can only rely on themselves for protection. Mercenaries, now with much less work turn towards softer targets and piracy. While many think the Periphery is outside the scope of the Great Houses, their influence still moves in the shadows.

How will you handle these issues?

Will you keep your freedom or will you bow before the Great Houses?

Will you protect the people or will you line your pockets with their blood as you crush them underfoot?

Welcome to BattleTech!!!

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