Rate Underguard (February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023)

Horizon Group, formerly GIRLS of Merctown, and their archived adventures and notes.

Rate Underguard (February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023)

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4 - Hardly worth the effort
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3 - To the Cage with you
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2 - May you sleep with crickets you never find
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1 - Off with their head
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Total votes: 4

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Rate Underguard (February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023)

Post by Underguard »

Game Master (GM)

Please rate Underguard and reply to this post that you have voted.

☞ Maintain a GM post rate at a minimum of one adventure post per week.
☞ Have the IM contact info of each player in their group.
☞ Notify all players in the group via IM or PM of new GM posts, and other important updates.
☞ Maintain your adventure notes in the GM's Cabal. (Gist: If a random GM can't pick up and run the adventure from your notes, the notes are unsatisfactory.)
☞ Be available for IM chat at least one day a week.
☞ Coordinate with the AGM regarding expected adventure dates & time-frames.
☞ Consult with AGM regarding XP awards.
☞ Directly notify AGM via PM of any expected absences in addition to the Account Status Tracker.

☞ GMs will be rated according to merit by their players every quadrimester.
☞ Rating will be done by players on the following schedule:
  • June 1st
    October 1st
    February 1st
☞ Each is responsible for creating his rating poll on the above schedule.
☞ Players are responsible for rating the GMs within a week of the poll being posted, and posting notice that they have voted (in the same thread.)
☞ Ratings will be conducted via poll and averaged to the nearest whole number.
☞ Players who do not vote will be removed from the average.

GM Rating Reward Table
10: You have earned 7 PP.
9: You have earned 6 PP.
8: You have earned 5 PP.
7: You have earned 4 PP.
4-6: You have earned only 2 PP, also, you're on probation.
1-3: Your position is now vacant; the group's AGM will post the availability of the group's GM position to the OOC Recruiting Thread.

After voting, please reply to this thread to indicate you have, and leave any feedback you wish on Consumer's performance.
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Re: Rate Underguard (February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023)

Post by Phinneas_Graves »

Although he is rather unruly, I'm quite happy with UG and this group.
Phinneas Graves
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Re: Rate Underguard (February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023)

Post by General Disarray »

Love the personal dynamics and the story.
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Re: Rate Underguard (February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023)

Post by Minerva »

Have not been in the group long enough to vote but I'm loving the story premise and group dynamic.
Grace Minerva
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Re: Rate Underguard (February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023)

Post by John Altfeld »

Post post. This is a comment.
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Re: Rate Underguard (February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023)

Post by Amber Dach »

Voted! Enjoying the story and interactions. The transition from the other site went smoothly as well.
Amber Dach

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