Merctown Sandbox Introduction

Welcome to Merctown, the City-State where anything is possible!
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Merctown Sandbox Introduction

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The Merctown Sandbox is a timeless area that exists outside the Adventure Threads but adheres to the collective growing story. No matter what adventure forum you are on, or if it's downtime, the Merctown Sandbox is open to all Rifts Earth inhabitants.

General Rules:
-Interpersonal Roleplay between Players is largely unmanaged.
-Basic control of NPCs is authorized; basic conversations, having a waiter serve you, etc.
-Purchases can be made, however they will not translate to the player's current, ACTIVE, story-arc in their adventure thread. This is to avoid continuity issues. All GMs have final say in any purchases made in the Merctown Sandbox.
-Post Rate will not be influenced by the Merctown Sandbox.

I will moderate the Merctown Sandbox and facilitate as needed, any questions please PM Underguard.
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