Welcome to the Apocalypse

3-6 players
Chaos Earth house rules, character creation, etc.
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Welcome to the Apocalypse

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Welcome to the Apocalypse.
This campaign will feature the six-day withdrawal of N.E.M.A. from the doomed city of Atlanta to the sanctuary of Chicago. You will play a role in Lt. General Sawyer's convoy as it endures the collapse of civilization and the spasms of a broken world, birthing a new reality of unimaginable horrors. Will you be the hero who holds back the night in humanity's greatest darkness?

Reply to this post, PM, or Discord.

Quick campaign info:
  • Characters will be starting at Level 1.
  • We're sticking with the OCCs from the Chaos Earth books, with an emphasis on the initial rule book OCCs. Because it's starting just a few days from the Rifts emerging, magic and psionics will just be developing and may not work.
  • Please note that any equipment should be thematically plausible. Essentially, NEMA is on a tactical withdrawal and took only what was manageable and essential to carry.
As the PbP RPG dice roller is down, you can use the Discord version here: https://discord.com/channels/3037177437 ... 0026833027
Be sure to label your rolls, and there is a link to instructions in that channel.
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