Catacombs (195)

The slums of MercTown. Be careful what you do and say...the Merctown Defenders don't often come here.
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Catacombs (195)

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This nightclub is three floors of a dug out pre-Rifts underground parking structure located 42' underneath a meat cutting slaughterhouse, and is positively huge. Only a comparatively small portion of the first level is a bar and dance club. The entire place is very dimly lit, it is more than a little dank, and, except for the polished wood dance floor, it is all bare stone floors and walls in a cavernous setting. And it's made of Mega-Damage concrete to boot. Among the regulars are members of subterranean races and those who like the dark for one reason or another. For City Rats and young street punks, the Catacombs just seem "cool" - only those "in the know" have any idea that it even exists, where it is, or how to find it. That alone creates a sense of mystery and elitism that appeals to City Rats and gangsters who wish they were more important than they really are. The drinks are cheap, costing just 2-5 credits, with Rotgut, Dragon's Head beer, and for augmented patrons, moonshine and S lam, being the most popular. A surly Dwarf named Rascus Tiborran owns the joint.
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