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The Undead Hunter O.C.C.
Reference: Undead Hunter, Book 07 Yin-Sloth Jungles, pg 34
Reference: Half Wizard, Mysteries of Magic: Book One, pg 69

For as long as men can remember, magical and supernatural abominations have plagued the world. Evil dragons, za, zavor, zombies, vampires, were beasts, demons, devils and the unnatural, freakish undead in all their forms and guises. These supernatural menaces have caused the people to cry out for protection. The pleas did not fall on deaf ears. Wise men, scholars, clerics, wizards and great warriors from around the world banded together, joined by a small sect of Priests of the Northern God Hoknar (Dragons & Gods pg 170) to form a secret council.

Thus the Undead Hunter was created. Champions dedicated to slaying the undead, demons, and monsters wherever they threaten the innocent. They have been selected, trained and equipped by the most elite masters of combat and the most renowned scholars of the supernatural found on the Palladium World. As a combination of swordsman and sorcerer, the Undead Hunter counts on his powerful magic weapons, spell knowledge, cunning and sword arm to destroy supernatural predators. The character wanders the world on a quest of destruction and salvation, freeing those enslaved by monsters and destroying the monstrous enslavers or tormentors.

Monk-like training centers have been established in the most remote areas of the world. Although trained as warrior mages, the character is an idealistic scholar at heart. Most prefer to study history and art rather than to rush headlong into a conflict. However, when the undead, necromancy or demons plague the land, these heroes drop everything and ride forth to engage their sworn enemies. The character will usually begin an extensive case study before fighting the creature. The warrior will spend time questioning witnesses, researching dusty tomes and local myths before starting a battle with unidentified demonic forces. This is also done to avoid needless endangerment of innocent people. Once he or she is ready, the tenacious fighters will strive to put the undead back into their graves and banish or destroy the demons and monsters, or die trying.

Note: Although both the witch hunter and undead hunter may fight demons, devils, and witches, the undead hunter might be better thought of as a monster slaying warrior, while the witch hunter tends to be consumed with destroying witches, demons and other evil forces strictly associated with the demonic and witchcraft.

Special Abilities

** Spell Casting: The Undead Hunter has limited spell casting abilities which function like those of the Wizard O.C.C. The limitations result from the narrow area of study and the specific purpose of destroying demons and monsters.

Initial spell knowledge includes:
  • Armor of Ithan
  • Call Lightning
  • Carpet of Adhesion
  • Circle of Flame
  • Decipher Magic
  • Expel Demons or Deevils [Rifter 25]
  • Fire Bolt
  • Globe of Daylight
  • Reduce Self (6 inches)
  • See the Invisible
  • Sense Magic
  • Sense Traps
  • Size of the Behemoth
  • Strength of Utgard Loki [Rifter 25]
  • Tongues
  • Turn Dead
Spell Limitations: The Undead Hunter has no magic combat skills, so Spell Strength never increases beyond 12 (Casts as Lvl 1).

Learning new magic spells: Does not acquire new spells as he/she levels but may be taught spells by an Alchemist. The Undead Hunter is not inclined towards non-combat spells.

Special Wizard O.C.C. Skills and Abilities:
  • See and Use Ley Lines: Like most Men of Magic, the character can see powerful magic energy emanating from the earth in a straight line. These lines of energy are known as ley lines. Where two or more ley lines intersect is a more powerful ley line nexus. The Undead Hunter recognizes these lines and junctions as places of power where he or she can draw on additional P.P.E., and where spells and powers are increased. The ley lines on the Palladium World are not as powerful as those found on a handful of other worlds (such as Rifts Earth), and are not visible to the average person. Only practitioners of magic and most creatures of magic can see the gentle flow of magic energy. See the Magic section in the Palladium Fantasy RPG for details. The Undead Hunter can also see mystic energy radiating from incredibly powerful creatures, such as ancient dragons, Demon and Deevil Lords, and Godlings and gods, as well as the most powerful magic items, like the weapons of the gods and Greater Rune Weapons.
  • Ley Line Rejuvenation: When standing on a ley line or nexus, the Undead Huntercan absorb ley line energy to double the rate of natural healing. To do this, the character must concentrate on healing while relaxing on a ley line. He can also use a ley line or nexus to perform an instant rejuvenation as often as once every 24 hours: After about 10 minutes of concentration, 2D6 Hit Points and 2D6 S.D.C. are magically restored; no personal P.P.E. is expended to do this. Ley Line Rejuvenation restores P.P.E. at the normal rate.
  • Undead Hunters & Circles, Scrolls & Symbols: The character can read and use scrolls, recognize magic wards and circles, knows the 12 basic magic symbols, four Elemental symbols, and symbolic colors, as well as the four basic power words (Acba, Keron, Pein and Yin).
  • Conversion of Spell Scrolls: Cannot convert scrolls into spells. This is not part of the training given to Undead Hunters.
  • Magic Guilds and Societies: Undead Hunters are not generally welcome to join magical centers of learning to continue their studies.
  • Recognize Enchantment: Just as a doctor can recognize flu symptoms and disease, the Undead Hunter can recognize the influence of magic that charms, hypnotizes, or otherwise causes mind control (including trances, domination, compulsion, quest, etc.). This ability also includes identifying magic sickness, curses, the effects of Faerie Food and Faerie Magic, and supernatural or magical possession. Illusions, metamorphosis, and psionic powers do not count as enchantment. Base Skill: 20% +5% per level of experience.
  • Recognize Magic: The Undead Hunter has a certain percentage chance to recognize a magic item by shape, inscription, magic symbols or intuition (gut feeling). It is important to understand that while the character may know something has magical properties, he does not know what powers the item may have or how to use it. Base Skill: 15% +5% per level of experience.
  • Teach Spells: Undead Hunter can teach what he knows to others. However, extreme caution and discretion is used.
All practitioners of magic are living batteries of mystic energy. The Undead Hunter draws from this energy to create magic and cast spells. Permanent P.P.E. Base: 2D4x10 +10 +P.E. attribute. Add another 2D4+1 P.P.E. per each level of additional experience he attains. The Undead Hunter can also draw on P.P.E. from ley lines, nexus points, magic amulets, living people, magic rituals and P.P.E. released in blood sacrifice. See the Mastery of Magic section in the core rule book, page 180, for more details about P.P.E. sources.

OCC Bonuses:
+2 Initiative, +1 vs HF at Levels 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12.
** Treat as Man at Arm's for Heavy Armor usage.
** Additional APM: Additional Attack per Melee Round at level 5 and 10! This is in addition to the attacks per melee gained from the Hand to Hand skill.

Special Weapons and Tools of the Undead Hunter
The powerful founding mages, alchemists and masterminds created a selection of new magic weapons specifically designed for the undead hunter and their crusade against the undead and monsters. These items are made exclusively for this unique O.C.C. and given to the character at certain milestones, and are never sold or traded to the public for any reason. They are not available at alchemist or magic shops, unless acquired from an undead hunter, in which case the character is either dead and their property has been sold or he is imprisoned somewhere! Thus they are all incredibly rare. Each of the following items can be made available to the Undead Hunter upon reaching a certain level and traveling to their home training center, or by special envoy.
  • Final Rest (minor holy sword): Final Rest is a short sword made entirely of silver and blessed by Hoknar who has. The blade is eternally sharp, well balanced (+1 to strike and +2 to parry), inflicts 1d6+6 damage per strike and can tum 4d6 dead when raised high for all to see. The hilt of the weapon has been shaped into a holy symbol that can be used to keep vampires at bay.
  • Vampire Slayer (a major magic item): This powerful weapon can be a large sword or battle axe. The blood red blade is sharp, well balanced (+2 to strike and parry), inflicts 2D6+4 damage against mortals but magically inflicts 4D6+4 against demons and undead. More importantly, it has the following magic spells: Blinding Flash, Globe of Daylight, Liquids to Water, and Circle of Rain, all equal to a 6th level warlock. Each can be used 3x per 24 period. Furthermore, the hilt of the weapon has been shaped into a holy symbol that can be used to keep vampires at bay.
  • Holy Stars (a major holy weapon): Shuriken-like throwing stars composed entirely of silver and magically endowed. These magic star-shaped blades return to the thrower after it has hit or missed its target (or been parried), are indestructible, eternally sharp, and inflicts 1d4+2 damage to mortal foes.
    Inscribed at the center of the star are the words "Purification by Fire." When the word "purify" is uttered, the Holy Star bursts into a magic fireball and inflicts 3d6 damage, 6d6 against the undead and animated dead! A star can be activated 6 times per 24 hour period.
  • Orbs of Force: The orbs of force are small crystal balls that release a magic effect when smashed. There are four types of spheres, each is a different size. All shatter upon impact when thrown.
    • Clear: The largest is the size of a grapefruit and is clear, like water. When it is smashed it creates a Circle of Rain that's 20 feet (6 m) in diameter. The water is harmless to ordinary people but inflicts 6d6 points of damage to vampires each melee. The rain lasts for 15 minutes.
    • White: The second largest is the size of a baseball and is white. When it shatters the spot it hits is struck by a 6D6 lightning bolt.
    • Blue: The third crystal sphere is the size of a golf ball and has a light blue color to it. When it shatters a whirl appears and grabs everything within 10 feet (3 m) of the shatter zone in its wind. Equal the 5th level Whirlwind warlock spell.
    • Yellow: The smallest sphere is about the size of a robin's egg and glows with a faint yellow light. When shattered a 10 foot (3 m) radius surrounding the point of impact is filled with daylight. The light lasts for 20 minutes.
    Note: Orbs of Force can only be acquired from four temples/training centers in remote areas (each Undead Hunter only knows of two) or from a special envoy sent to assist the hunter, but the latter is a rarity. Further, the Temples charge for replacement Orbs and are not inclined to sell any individual Undead Hunter more than 5 of each. Price will be based on the cost of a scroll for the equivalent spell (i,e, Yellow = Globe of Daylight, Blue = Whirlwind, White = Call Lightning, Clear = Circle of Rain)
  • Heart Throb Crossbow: The heart throb is not an actual magic weapon, it is a crossbow modified to be used against vampires. Instead of arrow bolts the weapon fires wooden stakes, to which small fins have been attached. The crossbow is heavier than its normal counterpart, weighing 8 pounds (3 .6 kg) , and has a reduced range of a mere 110 feet (33.5 m). A successful strike to the body inflicts 2d6, a hit to the chest 3D6 (a called shot) and a direct hit to the heart (a called shot and -3 to strike) does 5D6 damage and causes the vampire to fall into a coma! A natural 20 roll always indicates that the stake has pierced a vampire's heart.
  • Medallion of Tranquility: This magic item looks like an ordinary piece of silver jewelry with various magic and religious symbols carved into it (prevents undead from touching it). The medallion is designed to help victims of vampire bites defend against their mind control. The magic places the vampire's victim into a trance that prevents the character from hearing the vampire's calls and commands. Unfortunately, the victim is a virtually mindless zombie who sits, stands or slowly walks around with a blank expression. The entranced character cannot engage in combat, run, perform skills or even eat without somebody's help. It is a sorry state, but will save him from being controlled by a vampire and allow others to protect them without a struggle. Note: This magic only works against vampires, not other forms of suggestion OR mind control. It will not put any other characters into a trance.
  • Medallion of Will Power: A special medallion that helps the undead hunter focus their will power to resist mind control and overcome adversity. The hero is impervious to the mind control of all undead while wearing the medallion (+6 to save even without it) and +4 to save vs psionic mind control and illusions of any kind (+2 without the medal). By focusing on the medallion and the wil.1 to live, the character is +4 to save vs poison and disease, and +20% to save vs coma!

Undead Hunter O.C.C.
Alignment: Any, but almost always good or unprincipled.
Attribute Requirements: l.Q. 14, M.E. 15 and P.P. 10 or higher.
Gender: It is interesting to note that at least 40% of the undead hunters are women.
Race: Any race can attempt to join as long as they have a magical connection. Around 70% of current Undead Hunters are humans or elves, with another 15% being wolfen and the remaining 15% being a mixture of varying races.

O.C.C. Skills.
Language: Native Language 98%
Literacy: Native Language or Elven (+50%)
Lore: Undead (+30%)
Lore: Demons and Monsters (+20%)
Research (+5%)
Wilderness Survival (+20%)
Climb/Scale Walls (+10%)
W.P. Throwing Weapons
W.P. Sword
W.P. Archery
W.P. of choice.
Hand to Hand: Expert [May upgrade to Martial Arts or Assassin for 1 skill selection]

O.C.C. Related
Choose 6 from the following list at level 1, and an additional skill at levels 3, 5, 7, 11 and 14
Communication Skills: Any (+10%)
Domestic Skills: Any
Espionage Skills: Any
Horsemanship Skills: General, Exotic and Knight Only.
Medical Skills: First Aid and Brewing only
Military Skills: Any (+5%)
Physical Skills: Any
Rogue/Thief Skills: Any (+5%)
Science Skills: Any
Technical Skills: Any (Lore skills +15%, Other +5%)
W.P.: Any
Wilderness Skills: Any

Secondary Skills
Choose 4 from the previous list at level one, and an additional two at levels four, eight and twelve. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in the parentheses. All Secondary Skills start at base skill level. Also, all skills are limited to the previously indicated list of O.C.C. Skills.

Experience Table: Same as the Paladin O.C.C. found in the Main Book

Starting Equipment:
The average Undead Hunter will start with two or three melee weapons of choice, a suit of armor (studded leather to full plate), a horse of choice, a bow of choice, a pair of throwing daggers, a small mallet and 6 wooden stakes, silver holy symbol on a necklace, notebook, ink, crow quill pen, cloak or cape, three sets of clothes, excellent quality leather boots and gloves, backpack, belt, four small sacks, flint and tinder box, and 240 gold.

Undead Hunters begin with a lot of equipment because of their special training, mission and sponsors. However, unlike the Holy Crusader and Witch Hunter (all in Yin-Sloth Book), the Undead Hunter does not draw a salary or generally have things provided for him by their sponsor with the exception of the following Special Magical Equipment.

Special Magic Equipment: Following a level progression, the Undead Hunter can have the following made available to him from the Special Magic Items. Note: Undead Hunters are a new guild of warriors, and crafting these magic items for each individual hunter takes time. This time is reflected in level progression. Further, if an Undead Hunter begins to acquire a reputation for villainy, magic items will not be forthcoming (the Council is looking for a good reputation).
Level 1: Medallion of Will Power and 1d10 Orbs of Force (distribute total across types)
Level 3: Medallion of Tranquility and Holy Stars (4)
Level 5: Either the Final Rest or the Vampire Slayer
Level 7: Heart Throb Crossbow
Level 9: Either the Final Rest of the Vampire Slayer

Note: These levels serve as a guideline and items are not guaranteed upon reaching these milestones unless the GM deigns to do so.

G.M. Note: Undead Hunters have only been in existence for 22 years and there is only an estimated 100-200 in the world, with another hundred in training. Every year, between 25-50 Undead Hunters complete training and enter the world at large. This is a new and specialized occupational character class.
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